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Before we begin, be sure to check out Aberdeen's easy to assemble dog bed instructions. Click on the link above to learn how to make your own dog beds. Light weight, indestructible, supportive, and attractive.

 He's your best friend!

Help your pet have a healthy life.

If illness strikes, give him a fighting chance.

I have 25 years experience boarding and grooming beloved pets. I have raised championship Scottie Dogs. I know nutrition is important - based on the latest research and veterinary advice. Some recipes are veterinarian approved and used by our local boarding kennels.

Makes a swell gift for your doggie friends to purchase this book or make some dog treats for gifts.

Also, send for a vaccination report!

Send for vaccination report -
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Would you like to make your own dog beds? Beds are expensive and easily destroyed. Make your own! Click Here to See how easy it is to create your own non-destructible dog bed.

Also, for other dog supplies, pet collars, canine books, pet furniture, Click Here for other dog supplies



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Sam's Dog Hut-made in the good ole' USA



Canine Cuisine Cookbook- New Second Printing !!!More recipes and more tips!!!-biscuits, treats and meat dishes to replace can food, can be served alone or with a high quality dry dog food.

Looking for a healthier substitute for commercial canned (yuck) dog food?
  • Want recipes for special treats (yummy) and reward food?
  • Do you need to tempt an ailing pet with tasty "get well" diet alternatives?

Canine Cuisine Cookbook has the answers!

Would your pet enjoy an icy treat on hot days? Canine Cuisine Cookbook has the perfect recipe. Great pet treats!!

Wonder how old your dog is in people-years? Canine Cuisine Cookbook may surprise you!

Would you like to have recipes for dog treats, dog biscuits? This cookbook is for you!!! You can make homemade pet food, treats and replace with good nutritious meat recipes and make your dog food. It will be cheaper and much healthier!!

The book contains tips for handling problems and lists poisonous plants and household items that are dangerous to your pet.

Canine Cuisine Cookbook

~ Only $10.00

(FREE Shipping and Handling)
(FREE cookie cutter with every book purchase)

or you can send a check or money order to:

Aberdeen Kennels
2110 Spring Creek Drive
Spring, TX  77373

"Portion of proceeds goes to help
homeless-rescued animals."


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